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KEM HMI - Faculty


Our faculty are carefully chosen based on their qualifications and experience in the healthcare sector.

Some of our leading faculty are:

1. Dr. S.R. Pashupatimath – MBBS, PGDHA, MBA Hospital Management - Faculty for Organizational Behaviour and Materials Management

2. Prof. V.K. Bhide – BA, MPM, LLB (Pune University) - Faculty for Principles and Practice of Management and Human Resources Management

3. Mr. Rajan Srivastava – M. Com., MBA - Faculty for Research Methodology and Computer Fundamentals and Software related to hospitals

4. Mr. Amol Dabake – B.Com, C.A. - Faculty for Managerial Accounting and Financial Management

5. Mrs. Ritu Raj Jangra – BPT, Masters in Hospital Administration - Faculty for Hospital Administration and Management of Healthcare and Hospital Services

6. Dr. Mona Shah – Instructor BLS & ACLS, PGCEMS, LCEH - Faculty for Medical Terminology and Procedures

7. Dr. Anil Jayawant – MBBS, DCA, DQM,DAC,DHM, Consultant NABH - Faculty for Hospital Planning

8. Mrs. Ujjwala Sakhalkar – B.Com, LL.M. - Faculty for Laws related to Hospital and Medical Service

The Director, Dr. V. Ranjan, has been approved as the Director and Professor for the PGDHM course by Pune University and is also an External Examiner and a member of the PGDHM subcommittee for Pune University.

HMI is managed by an Advisory Committee. The members of the Advisory Committee are:

1. Mr. G. Ramakrishna (Management Consultant, Mumbai) – Chairman

2. Dr. Kurus J. Coyaji (Medical Director, KEM Hospital, Pune) – Member

3. Dr. Jeroo Coyaji (Hon. Administrator, Blood Bank, KEM Hospital, Pune) – Member

4. Mr. Kalyan Chakravarti (Executive Advisor, Vinod Gupta School of Management, I.I.T. Kharagpur) – Member

5. Dr. V. Ranjan (Director, HMI) – Member Secretary